MagoMakerPro - Condizioni


1. Introduction

These terms and conditions of service (hereinafter "CGS") as well as any other specific contents of the site (relative to the description of services offered), regulate the supply to the customer - subscriber of the services offered on the site MagoMakerPro making head of Technology at Chira, with registered office at Via Bacco 5 Elmas, VAT and tax code 03461810925.

2. Registration and Acceptance of CGS

The use of the services offered by the activation MagoMakerPro is reserved only to customers - subscribers who have read and accepted unconditionally and unreservedly CGS. This acceptance is manifested by completing the registration on the site and entering all the required data. Provided that the registration procedure at the site concludes exclusively via computer, the user can choose to make the communication of their data by telephone to an operator MagoMakerPro, rather than electronically. Telephone communication of the data, however, acceptance of the value of CGS.

3. Purpose of the Web Site Union
The website MagoMakerPro is a site for all those people who require the activation of the websites of presentation and online stores. In this regard MagoMakerPro offers: the activation and management of e-Commerce Websites and CMS also including domain, hosting and database.

4. Purchase procedure

After registration the user of the website can view the services offered by MagoMakerPro and decide to purchase through the appropriate electronic cart or through telephone contact. In both cases, once his intention to purchase the customer - subscriber will have to make the payment of fifty percent (50%) of the amount due at the beginning of the work, while the balance will be paid upon completion of the activation of the chosen service. Paying the first installment of the customer - subscriber will have the duty to compile with the due care and diligence "information form", which is the tool that will allow the team to MagoMakerPro to set up and configure the various utilities and graphical interfaces.

5. Fees and methods of payment

Together with the conclusion of the contract the customer - subscriber agrees to pay a fixed amount for the MagoMakerPro the requested service plus VAT as per law and any other applicable taxes always legal. Pursuant to the provisions of Article.52 Legislative Decree 206/2005, the Customer acknowledges that the payment of the services and subscription fees may be made with one of the procedures indicated at the time of registration, namely: postal order, bank bank, other banking solutions, credit card, American Express and PayPal.

6. Subscription of the Subscription

6.1 Definition

Conjunction with the purchase of the service activation of CMS and eCommerce platforms, offered by MagoMakerPro, the customer - subscriber subscribes for the management of some tools that are functional to the proper use of those platforms.

6.2 Subscription

Each service activation provided by MagoMakerPro is sold at a combination of the "Management Fees" that the consumer of the services (or the customer - subscriber) must necessarily correspond to a correct use of the tools enabled. For convenience, the "Management Fees " are merged into a single subscription that the customer - subscriber subscribes when purchasing the services offered by MagoMakerPro activation. It goes without saying that it is not possible the sale of the activation of eCommerce services and CMS without the payment of the subscription.

6.3 Customer - Subscriber

Means any natural or legal person, acting for its own account or on behalf of third parties, that once the registration is completed on the site MagoMakerPro, concludes a purchase agreement for the activation of one of the services offered by MagoMakerPro bound also the subscription a subscription for the management of functional tools to the use of that service.

6.4 Management Fees

Among the entries in this category are all those tools that allow a web-based platform to operate and make the utility for which it was designed. These tools are essential for the activation of the domain to which reference will be the address of the platform enabled; hosting platform on which the database will reside and which will be loaded on all the data necessary for the proper operation of the site, and other ancillary services backup and maintenance.

6.5 Duration, Renewal of Membership and payment solutions

The sign-up for a period of one (1) calendar year (expires December 31, tied) and may be renewed within thirty (30) of January the following year. The renewal will be communicated to the staff MagoMakerPro via certified mail or with the continuation of the payment of the new installment. It's possible to pay the amount due in different solutions, you can pay by installment quarterly (every 3 months), or semi-annually (every 6 months) with an extra discount of two percent (2%) or more in a single solution at the beginning of the subscription period with the possibility of having recognized a discount of five percent (5%) on the amount due.

6.6 End -of-payments

The payment of the installments are to be paid on the subscription no later than the fifteenth (15th) day following the beginning of the period of payment solution choice. For example, if the solution is chosen quarterly payments must be paid no later than fifteen (15) of January for the first installment no later than fifteen (15) in April for the second installment, no later than the fifteen (15) of July for the penultimate installment and finally no later than fifteen (15) in October for the fourth and final maturity.

6.7 Transfer of the subscription contract

The customer - subscriber can in no case be transmitted for consideration or free of charge, totally or partially, in any form, subscription agreement or the benefit of the use or replace a third of the subscription in the performance of its obligations, without explicit and estimate the MagoMakerPro.

7. Dimming, and Hibernate termination of the Service

In the event that the customer - subscriber defaults, the team will proceed MagoMakerPro obscuration of the domain on which you ran the service activation eCommerce platform or CMS. If the situation of non-compliance will not be resolved by the last day of the month to be in the Subscription Contract will resiliato by MagoMakerPro with the consequent destruction of the information uploaded on the platform and then the loss of service activation. If the customer - subscriber at the end of the annual period of subscription decide to renew its image, gaining at MagoMakerPro a graphical update or other service, subscription, and then the platform will be hibernated until it reaches a new trade agreement and subsequent activation of the service.

8. Profiles of responsibility

MagoMakerPro is committed to using the best technology available to him and the utmost care to provide the services offered on this site MagoMakerPro. The customer - subscriber agrees that MagoMakerPro shall in no event be liable for delays or failures in the provision of services depending on events beyond the reasonable control of MagoMakerPro such as but not limited to : (i) events of force majeure, (ii) events caused by third parties such as, but not limited to, interruption or malfunction of the services of telecommunications operators and/or power lines and/or web hosting providers, (iii) failure of the terminals or other systems communication used by the client - subscriber.
In the event of service interruption MagoMakerPro agrees to restore service as quickly as possible. The customer - subscriber agrees that MagoMakerPro shall in no event be liable for malfunctions due to defects in the means necessary for access, improper use of the same and/or the procedures for access to the service by the client - subscriber or third parties. MagoMakerPro can not in any way be liable to the customer - subscriber or third parties for loss of profits, loss of profits or for any other form of loss of profit or indirect and consequential damage connected with performance of GCS.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1 Introduction

The host and the server on which the database is stored containing the information managed independently by the client - subscriber will be implemented behind the same customer - subscriber.

9.2 Hosting and Server

The space hosting and server are essential for the operation of the instruments implemented by the team of MagoMakerPro. The customer - subscriber acknowledges that these services are provided by MagoMakerPro in collaboration with other infrastructure providers. The use of these services is therefore limited by the boundaries and the rules established by the operators of such services (Aruba SpA) as well as the laws in force. The customer - subscriber acknowledges and agrees that technical interruptions of service due to breakdowns and malfunctions of the machines and software are the property of their MagoMakerPro or its suppliers (providers such as Aruba Spa).

9.3 Saving Backup

The service database backup operation of the instruments implemented by the team of MagoMakerPro are executed under the expressed will of the customer - subscriber. MagoMakerPro will limit itself to perform backups without in any way manipulate or manage the information contained herein. MagoMakerPro in no case specifically handle such information about others. In this regard MagoMakerPro agrees to bind its employees inside the strictest confidence.

9.4 Service Pack "Assistance 24" search
It is necessary that the team MagoMakerPro keep an account in the control panel of the platform installed, as for technical reasons it needs to access the platform for maintenance, modifications and/or upgrades.
In this regard, the team MagoMakerPro formally undertake to behave ethically and diligently especially with regard to the appearance of the data privacy of third parties that may gain access to technical reasons.

9.5 Legislative Decree no.196/2003

MagoMakerPro process the personal data of the customer - subscriber in full compliance with the provisions set forth in Legislative Decree no.196/2003. Also strives to collect, store, and otherwise use and process personal data of the customer - subscriber only for the purposes specified in the related disclosures. The data provided by the customer are treated to improve the relationship with the customer, for example, to facilitate the process of purchasing products, providing services and assistance and to communicate information about products and special offers. At any time the customer can contact MagoMakerPro for more information on the rules for the protection of personal data and to review the personal data provided, in order to see if these need to make changes and/or additions or request cancellation. It is also committed to protecting the security of customers' personal data, using appropriate measures and procedures.

Privacy 9.6 v/s Third

MagoMakerPro agrees to make the request of the customer - subscriber the backup copy of the database, but in no case "will" (manage) the data included therein. In this regard, the customer - subscriber takes note of take under the privacy regulations, the quality of "owner" of treating all personal data to third parties by the same treaties and undertakes, in accordance with law, to take charge of security data entered in the database that subscriber manager.